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Day 1, 29 May 2019

Opening Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies:
Agnes S. Estrella, MD, MHPEd
Secretary, Philippine Society for Climacteric Medicine
8:00 AM Welcome Address Jericho Thaddeus P. Luna, MD
President, Philippine Society for Climacteric Medicine (PSCM)
Opening of the Congress Ma. Corazon Zaida N. Gamilla, MD
President, Asia-Pacific Menopause Federation (APMF)
Opening of Exhibits APMF President and Council Members
PSCM President and Board of Directors
8:30 AM Special Session
The Asia-Pacific Perspective: Real-World Practice and Management of the Menopause
APMF Council
10:10 AM Open Discussion and Summary
10:30 AM Coffee Break, Visit Exhibits
11:00 AM Keynote Address
Management of the Menopause in 2019: State-of-the -Art
President, International Menopause Society
12:00 NN Industry-Sponsored Symposia 1
Simultaneous Sessions
  SS 1. The Perimenopause: Optimizing the Management of the Menopause Transition SS 2. The Menopausal Symptoms and Menopausal Hormone Therapy   
1:30 PM Pathophysiology of the Menopausal Transition: Update Menopausal Symptoms in Asian Women: Are there cross-cultural differences?
1:50 PM Contraception Meets HRT: Choice of Hormone Therapy Is the hot flush a biomarker for cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases?
2:10 PM Preventing the Emergence of the Metabolic Syndrome with the Onset of Menopause  Management of Menopausal Symptoms: Current Practice
2:30 PM Perimenopausal Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Diagnosis and Treatment Is transdermal estradiol and micronized progesterone the better and safer MHT?
3:00 PM Coffee Break, Visit Exhibits  
Simultaneous Sessions
  SS 3. Protecting the Breast SS 4. Lifestyle Management for the Asian Postmenopausal Women 
3:30 PM Breast Cancer Risk in Asian Women Recommendations for Dietary Management after the Menopause
3:50 PM Breast Cancer Screening: Current Practice Physical Activity Recommendations for Healthy Aging
4:10 PM Managing Menopausal Symptoms after Breast Cancer: An Endocrine Dilemma Skin Care after the Menopause: Is the Asian skin different?
4:30 PM Is estrogen-alone therapy protective against breast cancer in the postmenopausal woman? How to Look Good even after the Menopause: Grooming Tips and Tricks
6:00 PM Welcome Reception 

Day 2, 30 May 2019

Plenary Symposium 1
Screening for Cancer in the Postmenopausal Woman: We Need to Remain Vigilant
8:00 AM Ovarian Cancer Screening: Current Practice
8:30 AM Endometrial Cancer Screening: Current Practice
9:00 AM Cervical Cancer screening: Current Practice
9:30 AM Bowel Cancer Screening: Current Practice
10:00 AM Coffee Break, Visit Exhibits
Plenary Symposium 2
Urogynecology Issues in Postmenopausal Women: Changing Perspectives
10:30 AM GSM - Findings from the Pan-Asian REVIVE Study and New Treatment Options
11:00 AM Vaginal Hyperlaxity Syndrome
11:30 AM The Science of Intracrinology in Postmenopausal Women 
12:00 NN Industry-Sponsored Symposia 2
Simultaneous Sessions
  SS 5. Promoting Cardiovascular Health: Updates   SS 6. Promoting Bone Health: Updates  
1:30 PM Cardiovascular Disease in Asian Women: Concerns and Challenges Postmenopausal Osteoporosis in Asian Women: Concerns and Challenges
1:50 PM Assessment and Management of Cardiovascular Risk in the Postmenopausal Woman Bone Densitometry and Bone Turnover Markers: How useful are they in current practice?
2:10 PM Cardiometabolic Effects of Menopausal Hormone Therapy Managing Postmenopausal Osteoporosis after the WHI: Role of Menopausal Hormone Therapy
2:30 PM Menopausal Hormone Therapy for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease? Non-Hormonal Therapies for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: Current Options
3:00 PM Coffee Break, Visit Exhibits
Simultaneous Sessions
  SS 7. Promoting Urogenital Health: Updates     SS 8. Promoting Brain Health: Updates 
3:30 PM The Genitourinary Syndrome in Asian Women: Prevalence and Effects on Quality of Life Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer Dementia in Asian Women
3:50 PM Local and/or Systemic Hormone Therapy: Is it the first choice for VVA?  Physical and Mental Exercises for Mental Health 
4:10 PM Laser Therapy for the Restoration of Vaginal Function Menopausal Hormone Therapy and Cognitive Impairment: Is there a benefit? 
4:30 PM Intravaginal Prasterone (DHEA): Is it the ideal treatment for VVA? Peri- and Postmenopausal Depression: Diagnosis and Treatment
6:00 PM Turnover Rites and Dinner

Day 3, 31 May 2019

Plenary Symposium 3
Gynecologic Disorders in the Postmenopausal Woman
8:00 AM Premature Ovarian Insufficiency: Update on Diagnosis and Treatment
8:30 AM Postmenopausal Bleeding: Update on Diagnosis and Treatment
9:00 AM Consequences of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Preventive Strategies
9:30 AM Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Preventive Strategies 
10:00 AM Coffee Break, Visit Exhibits
Plenary Symposium 4
Menopause Medicine: Quo vadis?
10:30 AM The Women’s Health Initiative after 17 years: Has it done more harm than good?
11:00 AM Precision Menopause Medicine: The Right Woman for the Right MHT
11:30 AM Menopause Medicine: Should it be now taught and practiced as a subspecialty?
12:00 NN Industry-Sponsored Symposia 3
Free communications
  FC 1. Basic studies  FC 2. Clinical studies
1:30 PM    
Closing Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies:
3:00 PM Awarding of Prizes for the Best FC Papers
Closing Remarks Prudence V. Aquino-Aquino, MD
Vice-President, Philippine Society for Climacteric Medicine